X-Wing Masters Series – Victoria

The Victorian Masters is a community based X-Wing Series. Made up of five qualifying events that culminate in a one day Masters event that will determine the Victorian Master for the following year.


Players will enter and compete in regional qualifiers.

Each qualifier will be a Swiss Format event.

Each event will be 200 points, and will use the most recent Extended format for list submission.

After the five regional qualifiers the top four players from each event will be invited to attend the Masters games.

The Masters games is a free event held in one of the five regional venues. 

The player that wins the Masters games will be crowned the Victorian Master until the completion of the next Masters games.

Players will receive a swag bag at each event they attend.

Prizes will also be able to be won at both the qualifiers & the Masters Games.

If a player has previously qualified for a place in the Masters Games at an earlier tournament, the next eligible player will be offered a place going down the rankings on the day.

Player placement at each event will be determined using the following methods:

  • Win / Lose
  • MOV
  • Median-Buchholz System (Reserved for Top 4 or any qualifying for Master Games)